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Computer Network Security

Computer Network Security

Because your network is the heart of your business

If the security of your information systems keep you awake at night, Agile Technical Services has the answer. We understand the value of your network in keeping your company ticking over day by day, and our firewall services allow you to maintain productivity and efficiency while safeguarding the very technology that keeps you in business.

We work constantly to protect both your vital commercial data and your staff and customers’ personal information. Our innovative systems will pick up viruses, spyware, malware and other threats on your network, and even let you see and analyze internet use among your employees. We can help you to discover and eliminate vulnerabilities before they have the chance to bring your business down.

Computer Network Security Solutions by Agile Technical Services include:​

  • Management reports – to help you monitor internet usage and track websites visited
  • Perimeter security – keeping undesirable elements out of your business network
  • Content filtering – enhancing productivity and reducing internet-borne threats
  • Mobile protection – safeguarding for mobile devices that let you work flexibly
  • Unlimited service – our one flat monthly rate includes everything you need

Without adequate protection, your computer network could be left exposed to threats with the ability to bring your entire business to a standstill. Agile Technical Services’ Network Security solutions can stop those threats in their tracks.

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